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You know how to diet.

But, do you know how to lose weight permanently?

Durable weight loss isn’t a diet.

Take a moment to learn some essential truths about weight loss. 

“Joy truly is possible in this journey. I absolutely did not believe it before this program. I thought weight loss was a punishment for overindulgence.” – D.D.

You know how to diet.

But, do you know how to lose weight permanently?

We teach you how to achieve and keep a healthy weight


Diets trap you in cycles of weight gain. Take a moment to learn some essential truths about weight loss. 

I’m not counting down the days until the ‘diet’ is over; I’m building a new forever – Jennifer K.


Ask yourself,

what have the diets you’ve done added up to?

Expensive? Yes. Effective? No. Wasted time? For sure.

  • Heal your relationship with your body and learn to use your natural hunger
  • End the cycles of weight gain and loss
  • Eliminate the confusion over achieving and keeping a healthy weight 

You can lose weight for good even if your weight has been a lifelong struggle.

90% regain their lost weight

learn what the 10% know

Time = Your Life

Don't waste either.

I ran into a neighbor who I haven’t seen in a few months. She mentioned how terrific I looked and she said, “it’s not just that you’ve lost weight, it’s the whole way you’re moving in your body.” Reestablishing a movement practice and realigning my relationship with food has improved every aspect of my life. I feel it, and apparently it shows. — Christi D.

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually reached a weight goal. I can attribute that to Rebecca’s ideas on how to get healthy in a thoughtful manner—and in a way that actually works. — Jan C.

Rebecca’s original series and NBC News features

Not Another Diet Rebecca Thomas

not another diet

Writing was the first step in articulating my process. 

“Ten years ago, I set about tackling a long out of reach goal. In the course of a year, I lost 50 pounds. I’ve now maintained this loss for over a decade. Less than 10% of dieters accomplish this goal past the five-year mark.”

This program has been a decade in the making because it took that long for me to carefully detail every aspect of what led to my on-going success.

NBC News Better Column #1

NBC News ‘Better’ Column: The daily practice that helped this woman lose 50 pounds (and keep it off)

A journalist contacted me about my series on Medium, and the next thing I knew, it was a national spotlight.

“Willpower didn’t work so Rebecca Thomas set up a system of routines that helped her lose weight — and keep it off — for eight years and counting.”

Rebecca Thomas weight loss consulting

‘I started small’: How walking every day helped this woman lose 50 pounds

NBC’s audience responded so well to my first piece, they came back and did a second one.

“I was never really an athletic person, but I had this self-concept that was just wrong,” she says, “which is that there are athletic people who can do things and then there’s you, and just because I’m not a competitive athlete does not mean that I can’t be athletic.”